Space activities enable us to explore the universe and help us solving many of the global issues and challenges facing our planet and society by providing important services as well as data and information for policy- and decision making in support of sustainable development. There are no borders in outer space and therefore, by their nature, space activities have a fundamentally international dimension. According to international space law, outer space is not subject to appropriation by any country or person and must be governed in a responsible manner by all humankind to ensure the long-term sustainability of outer space activities. Consequently, several international organizations are concerned with the governance of outer space. Space activities are also an important policy tool for international cooperation and for power projection. With an increasing number of countries conducting space-related activities, we see a growing interest in the development and implementation of national space law and policy.

This course provides a detailed introduction to the international dimension of space activities, a topic usually not covered in great detail in space system engineering courses. Course participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments in national and international space law and policy and learn about international space cooperation and space governance. The course will equip them with the knowledge, tools and vocabulary necessary to become active, responsible and well-informed stakeholders in the formulation of national space law and policy in their own countries. They will be able to competently interact with law-, policy- and decision makers and will improve skills necessary to become agents for promoting international space cooperation in support of exploration and the peaceful use of outer space. Special attention will also be given to space law and policy issues that are of particular relevance to small satellite developers.

リサーチスカラーの先生方による渡航前学習の講座です。プレゼンテーションのスキルや中東、南アジア、フランス・ヨーロッパのことなどを英語で学びます。3人交代 で担当しますので、繰り返し受講することも可能です。昨年最後まで出席した学生は力がついたと聞いています。英語でのプレゼンに自信のない学生にはとりわ けお勧めの講座です。


Research Scholar Seminar (戸畑)


Wednesday once a month (10/19, 11/16, 12/21, 01/18)

6th Study Hour (18.00-19.30)


Dr Yaser Qudaih, Dr Alok Jha, and Dr Laurent Tranchant


To make the students aware of the scientific presentation and the culture of the concerned region.



-Scientific English Presentation

-Cross-cultural lessons